RacerX Responds

If you remember I had my friend that I called ‘RollerGirl’ post something on my blog titled “Life and Love…or not…“. Man, after a while that nickname starts getting on my nerves. From here on out she will be referred to as ‘RacerX’. Anyhow, there were a few questions that were asked and she took the opportunity to answer them. So, with the exception of some formatting, here are RacerX’s unedited responses to your questions:

Thanks for all of your responses! These are the questions that I’ve pulled out and am going to try and answer for all of you:

“…And what would you do if you find yourself falling for someone and that person is already taken?”
RacerX: Well I don’t know exactly. Since I am in this position currently I will tell you how the course is running thus far. But first I will start by saying that I would never want to be the reason for a couple to split up. I now, remain friends with this person and just let things take the course that they are; strictly as friends that is. I respect this person’s relationship and would never want to be on the other end so I would never cross any boundaries or step on anyone’s toes so to speak.

“What are you looking for in a man?”
RacerX: I am looking for someone who I can laugh with, someone who respects me, someone who shares the same interests I do, someone who doesn’t lie… Someone that I can look into their eyes and it doesn’t scare me or just that I want to do it in the first place, someone that likes adventure and is not a bore. ‘There is time for sleep when you die’. Someone to cuddle with and to love passionately and deeply. Someone who believes in and acts upon chivalry – a true gentleman. Someone who wants a family and believes in the sanctity of marriage. Someone who loves me for me.

“And have you met anyone that comes close to what you’re looking for?”
RacerX: Yes… But I cannot have him and I respect that. However I can hope that I will find someone who possesses some of this man’s many loveable qualities to stumble upon my own true and unconditional happiness one day.

“One point to ponder, though, is that when you say a few months down the road the person changes are you sure that it isn’t you who has changed?”
RacerX: I believe things change as couples get to know one an other. I think growing together is key though. Also it is all fun and butterfly-ish in the beginning. After a while maybe it is just the persons true colors coming out. I think a lot of my past relationships failing have a lot to do with me and the other person just simply not being on the same page.

“However, are you looking for fulfillment because others are getting married and having kids or are you looking to make yourself happy? Or is it both? “
RacerX: I am absolutely looking for fulfillment to make myself happy, not that I am not happy without it, but it is where I am in life. Nothing would make me happier to be married to the love of my life and have a family with that person. The people I love around me having those things just make it harder that I do not and am not even close, but I am optimistic and I know that things can change at any moment.

And there you have it. Feel free to ask her any other questions and I’ll make sure she gets them. She may answer them or she may not. I think it is fascinating that, age issues aside, all she wants is what everyone else wants: someone to love and respect her. And she deserves it.