Life and Love… or not…

The following post is from my good friend that I will call “RollerGirl”. Why do I call her that? First, it is the name of Heather Graham’s character in ‘Boogie Nights’. Second, whenever we talk about what we’re wearing, I tell her “Tube top. Hot pants. Rollerskates.”. There have been a few edits – mostly formatting and punctuation. However, the spirit of the post remains intact. It is an interesting view into the romantic aspirations of a Twenty-something.

So where might I begin? 1st off I sit here and ponder the thought of possibly being alone forever… For all of my girlfriends I know you want to be kicking my ass right now for saying this… (I see you shaking your head at me Jeanette! 😉 ) Although opportunity often knocks at my door I am never satisfied. What is it, is it him or me? Or just not the right person? I wonder if I am just too picky and too hard to please or if my expectations are just too high.

I swear at this point in my life I have been let down so many times that I honestly think I would rather be alone then settle for anything less then what I deserve or want. This next statement is not by ANY MEANS to sound cocky… But why is it so easy for almost every guy to “fall” for me, yet I do not do the same? Or I think Im falling and then a few months down the road the person does a 360 on me and becomes a totally different person. Believe me I hate this. I hate to hurt people and I hate letting people down and would never want to lose someone as a friend, but I almost always do so because it seems friendship most of the time is never good enough or too painful for the other party because they want more. Why is this?

This actually sometimes feels like a curse. On another note, this is more for you men: Where the heck has chivalry gone? What happened to the simple things like opening a door for your date or paying for dinner your first time out! HELLO! I am not singling all men out, but all to often lately I have seen not only myself treated poorly which I will not tolerate, but my girlfriends too. I don’t know how some of you have put up with the things you have! You ladies are saints! Or maybe you just pick your battles and those aren’t included.

I am blogging this because I’m sure the ones of you reading this are my friends, this is not intended to offend anyone or make anyone upset.. These are just my feelings and maybe someone could clue me in! I’m a little sad that I’m almost 26 and single, yet again. I feel like everyone around me is getting married and starting families. Does anyone else feel like I do or do I sound like a sad act of desperation? lol! (I’m really not) I mean I know I’m Irish and German, which equals a FUN stubborn drunk but will anyone ever make me happy? Hell does anyone want to try?

Oh and to everyone reading this who is happy – Congratulations! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You are so lucky!

Are you out there my prince? Come rescue me, please! And now I think of it – what if I’ve met the person I’m destined to be with (if there is such a thing) and I passed up the opportunity? What if I already walked away from it? Ahh – I need a drink!