Welcome Home, Mom & Dad

My parents finally made it home from the Philippines last week. They got to their house in Va. Beach and we finally got to see them for the Easter holiday. Oh, man. You can tell they missed being here in the comforts of their own home.

One of Mom’s biggest pet peeves was that television sets in the Philippines were too small. Right before they left in January they bought a new 62″ Panasonic HDTV. Is it any wonder that any other television would look small? Lucky me – I got to hook it up for them, too. It was done earlier but they said something was wrong with it when they returned. To think, my dad had to spend an entire week with my mom and my sister without television. Poor guy.

Speaking of Dad, he’s definitely thinner. You can see all the wounds on him where they had to stick tubes into his chest and his neck. But he’s happy to be home. He goes to dialysis 3 times a week for 3 hours each session. He’s happy to be alive and at home. With his tv.

The dogs LOVE going home to grandma and grandpa. They wouldn’t leave my parents alone. Why is that? Because they kept feeding us! In the span of one day I think we ate no less than seven meals. Oy. It was hilarious. About an hour after we finished breakfast Mom would come around and say ‘Ready for lunch?’. I think they really take to heart my grandpa’s favorite phrase ‘Let’s eat’. They said that no matter how poor the family was in the Philippines he would somehow find the money to put food on the table and always be able to say ‘Let’s eat’.

So here we are back from our Easter holiday – tired,fatter and, in my case, less employed. 🙂

btw – somehow our dogs managed to break one of the folding doors to our coat closet in our house’s entryway. Thing just fell out of the closet and onto the stairs and now there’s a big ass hole in the front of the door. Yay. I get to buy a new door this week!