Kirsten Doesn’t – Attacking My Otaku Sensibilities Even Further

Waugh. After my last post about Kristen Dunst I was hoping that it was all just a bad dream. I mean, sailor uniforms, magical girl outfit, thigh-high striped stockings on the frame of a Hollywood starlet should make me giddy, right? Instead it made me feel conflicted. Then more images started to pop up (click on the thumbnail for a larger image):
kirsten_in_akihabarakirsten_in_akihabara4 kirsten_in_akihabara3kirsten_in_akihabara2

Sure, think I’m either stupid or pervy because of my disappointment regarding the underboob. But consider this: in the world of anime obsessions the alternative to the large underboob is the loli fascination…which is downright disturbing. The fake ‘skin’ in the middle of her uniform is truly a disappointment, not just because she lacks the rack to pull it off. Anime watchers are used to seeing characters like Kanu from Ikki Tousen –
kanu Kanu

Or anything from former hentai author turned regular mangaka Oh! Great or the fantastic works of Hyung-Taekim or Tony Taka.

Oh, Kiki…you seem to be attacking my brain and my eyes with a rusty fork. Therefore there are only two things that will push this image out of my skull:

Megan Fox

Or Dugong.

The problem with Megan Fox is that she was/is a BAG lady (Brian Austin Green). That and, for as hot as she is, she really should learn to keep her mouth shut when she’s not making a movie. And when Transformers 2 came out the media was over saturated with her. Um…and her acting skills are marginal at best. Did you see “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People”? Completely underwhelming. It was as if she was trying to channel the spirit of Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe at the same time and came off more as a really hot, breathy, asthmatic who kept looking for ways for the camera to make her look sexy.

I’ll go with Dugong.