Why I still hate my local Fox affiliate.

* Sigh *

It seems as though my Sky Fox is no more :(  According to dcrtv.com “Oh yeah, we hear that the Fox 5 “hot chopper chick,” Michelle Sigona, is on her way back to “America’s Most Wanted” where she was an intern…..” NOOOOOOOOOO!  I used to like how she would say ‘Thank you for waking up with  me’.  This is a travesty! A travesty, I tell you!  I’m going to miss her in the mornings. I won’t watch America’s Most Wanted just to catch her, either. Now they just show shots from the Fox 5 helicopter (I refuse to call it the ‘Sky Fox’ since the  fox was obviously Sigona). I am…distraught.

The other thing that still pisses me off with Fox 5 – TONY PERKINS. You thought I was going to say Holly Morris? My dislike for her knows no bounds and could fill another  post all together. My problem with Tony Perkins, THE WEATHER MAN, is that he does these stupid ‘Neighborhood’ spotlights. Or he has stupid little kids come in and do the weather.  Hey, here’s an idea: I’M IN A RUSH FOR WORK! JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN WEATHER!  You want to make the weather cute with kids who take forever and a day to tell you that it is cloudy and who stammer, etc.? Do it after 8am when all the stay at home Moms or people who go to work late can watch it. The hours between 5 and 8, though? These are people who are waiting to hear only a few things – 1) what is the high and low for the day; 2) will it be rainy, sunny, overcast, foggy, etc. and 3) what about tomorrow.

Bah. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.

You know who I would want to be the new Sky Fox? Melissa Thiereau.  Meow.