I can’t feel my arms…

Saturday was my bi-annual paintball gathering.  26 people came by to romp through the woods and get pelted by paintballs travelling at a speed of 290 ft/sec.  For all the good times there is one universal truth to the event: MY ASS IS TIRED. AND IT IS ALREADY TUESDAY AND I’M STILL BRUISED.

If you’re game, the first set of images that we’ve got to view are here on my gallery site.

Even though I had booked time over a month in advance, it doesn’t seem like they were ready for us. Meh. What can you do?  We wound up playing a lot of capture the flag at a field called ‘Deep Woods’.  Why is it called Deep Woods? We had to hike to get there. Let’s see – I’ve got a 30 pound backpack on, 4 full pods, 2 20 oz. tanks of C02 and my paintball marker to lug around.

What’s worse is that my pants were falling as well as my attack pack.  My gait was: walk-walk-yankuppants- walk-walk-yankuppants.  Sorta sad.

My favorite, though, was trying to fool the other team during a game of ‘Attack & Defend’. One team protected a flag in a village while the other team acted as intruders.  Well, lo and behold, I had the bright idea to walk in backwards and pretend to shoot at the enemy in the woods.  I thought I could get them to believe that I was part of the defending team.  It almost worked, too 🙂

That’s all for now. My sister is home and my parents are still in the Philippines. I’ll update more tomorrow. Right now, the crabby orange cat is clawing at my arm telling me to go upstairs and sleep.