Almost Like A Poor Man’s “Cape Fear” Movie Theater Scene…

A conversation between me and Angela this morning…

Me: you know, I really enjoy being a dick
Angela: uh
Angela: really?
Me: oh, yeah
Me: went to the coffee shop
Me: was sitting there with my boss
Me: talking. chit chatting.
Me: there’s some event or some conference going on in the building
Me: and into the coffee shop comes about 8 people
Me: who decide to sit around two small tables and hold a meeting
Me: riiiiight next to us
Me: and one jackhole decides that, since he has a gadget, he’s going to use it
Me: so he breaks out his little Flip Minno and starts recording their meeting
Me: so people are talking and he’s swinging this shit around
Me: so I take out my phone and tell my boss “want to see something fun?”
Me: and I open the Notes application and I type
Me: “I like talking loud when people record in a public place”
Me: So I started talking loud.
Me: so far I think that guy has me recorded talking about our roof and our chimney
Me: email attachments
Me: and a few other trivial things, with a few curse words thrown in for good measure.
Me: 🙂
Angela: lol

Now, before anyone begins to call me a petty, juvenile asshat you have to take into account the building that we’re in: We’re in George Mason’s Johnson Center. The place has conference rooms, a food court, various desks, tables and chairs, and a number of other alcoves where these people could have met with some privacy. But, no. They decide to park it right next to me in a crowded and noisy coffee shop and have their discussion. And record it. They were pretty loud, too.

I told my boss, “Maybe I should have said ‘I have a bad case of rectal worms and I can’t sit still. Does this scab on my elbow smell like root beer to you?'”.