Random songs on my playlist while I’m working…

I’m one of those freaks that can’t work in silence. The unfortunate truth is that I also have a ton of work that I need to get through over the next two weeks. Work work and other client work is going to keep me chained to my computer for a while. It’s making my butt numb. On the plus side, I’m easily entertained. The following are a number of songs that are currently in my rotation to keep my mind occupied while I plug away at all this stuff. Most of it isn’t new. Heck, some of it isn’t even in English.

Bishop Allen –
Click, Click, Click, Click

We Are Scientists –
After Hours

The Crystal Method featuring Matisyahu –
Drown in the Now

The Top Secret Drum Corps –
2003 Edinburgh Tattoo

The Prodigy –

Vampire Weekend –

The Zutons –

The Roots featuring Erykah Badu –
You Got Me

Girls Generation (SNSD) –