[NSFW] Milk: It Does A Body Good – The Photography of Andrey Razumovsky

Be forewarned: there is nudity and suggestive posing in the following gallery.

This is the post that I was working on before I decided to migrate my blog to a new server. Right in the middle of it my old server crapped out on me so I decided that it was time to finally move on.

I was cruising on the web the other day and I cam across the works of Andrey Razumovsky. Andrey specializes in very striking erotic photograph which is sometimes mixed with digital art. One of his more recent projects is called “Milk”. If you’ve got the gumption then you should definitely check out his work at razooma.net. Granted, all of his work isn’t of a sexual nature. He’s got some very striking images in a series called “Moisture” as well as some fanciful digital manipulation called “O&MB”. For a few thousand rubles Andrey even offers classes on design/photography theory.

In this example, Milk, articles of clothing are depicted by both cloth and milk. The digital enhancements of the photos brings a vibrancy and energy through movement and…well…boobs. By using both sensuality and the seemingly impossible together the viewer is drawn in to closely examine each picture. You struggle to see where the digital enhancement begins and ends; where there might be boob or butt showing; straining to discover how much detail was put into the photograph to achieve the end result.

For larger views click on the thumbnail and then click on the image itself.