[NSFW] Isshino ni Training: Training with Hinako


“Issho ni Training (Training Together): Training with Hinako” is a DVD for your local otaku/NEET/hikikomori. In order to help understand what all this means it helps to learn the Japanese terms. Ergo, go click those links and then we’ll continue. Go ahead! Clicky-clicky!

Done reading? Good.

So, Training with Hinako is for your pervy recluse friends who tend to watch anime and read manga all the time. Theoretically, it is to help encourage them to be more active as well as “entertain” themselves. Ugh. This has all the makings of a Chris Hansen set up. The instructor is Hinako, a nubile young 16 year old girl who is supposed to run you through a daily exercise routine of sit ups, push ups, squats and, evidently, eye strain. There are a lot of crotch shots, down blouses, under boob – this is pretty much jiggle vision – as well as a little bit of cosplay. I don’t suggest buying this for your wife/daughter/niece/girlfriend/grandma.

This is a 24 minute DVD filled with suggestive content. Remember, this is for your local shut-ins who may not be getting a work out. You may as well try and get that sludge they call blood moving through their veins again with something to motivate them to do, well, something.

If this isn’t your cup of tea or if you feel a tad creepy watching this then I would suggest something a little more tame which further explores the otaku/NEET/hikikimori experience, like “Welcome to the NHK” or “Desha Otoko“.