Sainthood = Angela

I’m an ass. Hands down, I’m an ass. OH! HANDS DOWN MY ASS! No, no…I can’t stand taking pictures. I really hate them. I feel stupid standing there waiting for a picture to be taken. So, I reckon that if I’m going to feel stupid then I may as well act stupid. I don’t think I’m acting stupid. I actually have a lot of fun.

fuzz buttDuring the trip to see the fuzz butt panda Angela and Amy would want to take pictures. Pictures of this, pictures of that, pictures of everything. I really don’t mind capturing a moment or scene or saving something for my memories. I just don’t like to be in the actual picture. Ultimately I end up wanting to take a picture of myself having fun. Face it, almost everywhere I go I like to have fun and enjoy myself. But there are moments when you just can’t let a comedic opportunity pass you by. Such as when we went into an exhibit where they were encouraging visitors to ‘think’ and ponder how humans are different from animals. Yeah, wonderful stuff. But how could you pass up this? Glad it isn't a bull.. In hindsight, the only thing that would have made me happier would be if I was bent over and it looked like my head was inside the cow’s butt. Hehe. “Hindsight”, get it?

Throughout the trip Angela kept saying ‘It is like taking pictures with a 5 year old! Even during our anniversary trip to Hawaii you see people taking pictures and they’re all romantic. I have a lot of pictures of him being a goofball.’ And is that so bad? The way I see it, you get two for the price of one. First, you get a keepsake slice of time which captured whatever scene you wanted. Second, you capture me being me: a big retarded goof.

mmmm...candyMe? What did I want to capture? This stupid diet to get my blood pressure and cholesterol down is killing me. I WANT SOME SKITTLES!!!