[NSFW-ish] Playing With Your Food: Girl Tries To Peel Banana With Feet

I’m just not sure how I feel about this.

Let’s get the disclaimers out of the way first. The young lady in the video is named Rachel Sexton and she has a page on break.com where she posts rather tame yet provocative videos of herself. The goal? So that you will follow the link to her site at rachelsexton.com. Who knows, she may also use the break.com site as a place just to be goofy.

According to her break.com bio

I’m the gnome-loving, costume-wearing, Chihuahua-wrangling, fetish-approving and naked whenever possible nude model of RachelSexton.com.

So, she pretty much puts it out there. Rather than the ‘uproar’ over being a nude model, sex fetishes, etc. I’m more conflicted with the following video:

Hot Chick Peels Banana With Her Feet – Watch more Funny Videos

Whew! Thank goodness she was able to do that wearing a bikini!

What concerned me was that as I watched this a few things popped into my pea sized brain:

  • When I first glanced at this she looked like my friend Liz.
  • She grunts and groans like a Japanese hentai anime
  • People without arms have absolutely no problem doing this
  • I’m just not sure whether or not I should be turned on by this
  • She ate the banana after it fell on the floor. I have pets. I’d be spitting out a hairball right now.

In order to figure all of this out, I’ll have to view this video again. Several times.