Shaking Up My Online Life

Blech. Meh. Pffft. Whateva.

This pretty much sums up my online apathy at the moment. Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to step back away from some of my online socializing. Before you ask I deleted SecondLife two weeks after I installed it. It seems that interacting with social networks and the interwebs in general has nudged me to the point of saying ‘screw it’, wiping some slates clean and refocusing my energies.

A good for instance is dropping out of online communities. I’ve ceased a good portion of my activities on message boards and forums because of how much it irritated me. You think listening to some 12 year old kid curse you out while playing on XBox Live was bad you should listen to some people bitch and moan about politics. Both left and right wingers have turned into whiny bitches. Rather than read all their crap I decided to just leave. Which is a shame because there have been at least three sites that I used to frequent which used to be fun and lively, full of humor and good times. Now? You just want to punch people in the face so they shut up.

Thanks for ruining the party, ass mongers.

I’ve started whacking people from my Twitter account and Facebook, too. A few aliases that I have on reddit, digg are either being deleted or I’m eliminating subscribers/followers/friends. Even a number of the blogs that I control and write for have seen me delete or suspend some user accounts. Why? I really don’t feel like dealing with the the stress of hearing people complain or act like immature babies and know-it-alls. Nothing screams ‘irritating’ like people can’t think for themselves.

When it starts to encroach into my real life and annoy the holy piss out of me then you know that changes need to occur.

I’ll say it again: Thanks for ruining the party.

This is why I’ve decided to lighten my load. I miss laughing with my online friends. I hate being crabby. So rather than writing and providing content for close to a dozen sites I’ll concentrate on 3 or 4 that I find fulfilling. I’d like to recapture the rollicking good times I used to have rather than worry about whether or not I’m going to be sitting at my computer pissed off. I want to be able to walk away from the glow of my screens and enjoy myself, my family and my friends without thinking that I’m responsible for babysitting others.

There are a number of people that I’m going to miss talking to on a regular basis. If they’re want to chat they want to they know how to find me.

I’ve been writing on designkitty for almost 4 years and recently I feel like I’ve been neglecting it. Time to clean it up a bit and concentrate most of my energies here. Expect a few changes in the upcoming months…