Casey Carlson: American Idol’s Other Bikini Girl

I have a problem lasting through multiple seasons of a reality show. Survivor? Yeah, I got bored with it when they started their second season. The Real World? I was able to watch New York, San Francisco, London and Miami and then I burned out on it.

After the first season of American Idol I was pretty much turned off by it. I can barely name any of the former performers from past shows much less last season. However, the promos for the show were all about some stupid chick who couldn’t sing but decided to audition in her bikini.


The buzz today, though, is on Casey Carlson who, if she were to sing in her bikini, I would be absolutely mesmerized. She seems cute and she knows how to match her boots with her outfit (check out her site for that one)

Then again, women singing to me throw me into a sexual panic and scare me. I’d still wrestle her, though.

How do you feel about that, Seacrest?