Street Performances

I really enjoy living in a metropolitan area. Sure, I don’t really live ‘in’ the city, but I’m close enough to it that I can romp around and marvel at the sites and sounds.
These guys aren’t in DC. They’re a group formed by eight brothers + one friend and they’re called ‘Hypnotic Brass’ They’re originally from Chicago but have relocated to NY. There they play subways, parks, street corners and actual venues with doors. They’ve got a nice groove going to them and if there’s any possibility of catching them live I wouldn’t hesitate to catch them.

Now, I will say that larger metropolitan areas probably have a better street performer scene. So far, I’ve been able to catch acapella groups, bucket drummers, saxaphonists, a brass band, a trombonist, and a trompetist. I’ve even been lucky to see violinists, a guy playing guitar with his dog and his cat, and the old man playing the Erhu.

Hey, it sure beats getting hit up for change by homeless people.