Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

  • Breakfast with Angela AND Amy! (@ IHOP) #
  • LET'S GO NATS!!! #
  • It was everything you thought it would be. @jinxcellent – bought the Ashley bagel. Will post pics on FB tomorrow. Will take Tums tonight. #
  • On goes the heat… #
  • Bad idea of the day: thinking my cat wants me to carry her into the shower with me. #
  • Dear @MLB – thanks for this stupid NLDS playoff format? 2 first away games for division WINNERS makes perfect sense. /sarcasm #
  • Fact: there is no real factory with Oompa Loompas 🙁 (@ The Cheesecake Factory) #
  • Mythbusters – Debate: Did Jack Have to Die?: Short answer: Yes. Long answer: No. #
  • "…planning a December 5 release for WordPress 3.5". I can't keep up with this stuff. Yeesh. #
  • Interesting, especially for beginning designer/coders – #
  • There are so many times I wish Internet Explorer would manifest itself as a human so I could look it in the eyes and punch it in the neck. #
  • NLCS tickets are online sales only :/ #
  • I'm at Nationals Park (Washington, DC) w/ 130 others #
  • You have no idea how happy it makes me to see parents have taken their kids out of school to watch today's game #
  • Fly overs rule! #
  • Teddy wins! The presidents break for some Gangnam style dancing… #

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