Three Weeks Later – Remembering Tobey

It seems like an eternity has passed since Tobey died in our home. Since then we’ve run the gauntlet of emotions. For the most part we’ve come to accept that our puppy is gone and, due to his medical conditions, it was probably for the best. Last week he finally came home to us. His cremated remains were delivered to us in a teak box with his name engraved in brass. It was somewhat of a release knowing that he had come back to us and that we were in possession of his ashes.

Rather than get all weepy and sad about our loss, I thought I’d share the following video with you:

This video was taken when Angela and I went to Virginia Beach. It was about a month after Dad’s funeral and we decided that we’d take the boys back ‘home’ to visit my mom. If you couldn’t tell by the video, Tobey was extremely happy to be out and about. He was also very much in love with Angela, watching her and never straying too far from her.

Over the past few months we’ve seen our boy ravaged by an unknown auto-immune disease, suffer the effects of high doses of Prednisone, bleed almost uncontrollably from his nose and suffer a major handicap after blowing his ACL. Through most of it all he maintained the same face and demeanor that you see in the video.

Happy. Energetic. Loving. Goofy. That’s how we’ll remember our boy.