Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-26

  • Ah, yes. If it isn't my old nemesis, Monday. So we
    meet again. #
  • A woman & her little boy got on the escalator same time as me. Boy got on but reached & grabbed my hand. Rode that way to the bottom. #
  • I'm at Spunk Fitness (Sterling, VA) #
  • Dude at L'Endant Metro: I appreciate your entrepreneurship but I don't think only selling Olympics tshirts is a good idea. #
  • Stuck in a train at Metro center >.< #
  • Awesome? I think so… #
  • When I was younger I never thought I would ever be engaged in an epic, thrilling battle against…crab grass. #
  • Aaaaargh! We be gettin' hammered on meade! (@ Medieval Madness at Renaissance Hall) #

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