Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

  • @Boomskull Join me on #Fitocracy the social game for #fitness #
  • @azreal Join me on #Fitocracy the social game for #fitness #
  • USB drive w/all my work is toasted. I forgot my badge. Client meetings all day. All I need now is for my pants to get stuck in an escalator. #
  • @Boomskull @thetwobeards @azreal nah, so far we're jersey-less 🙂 in reply to Boomskull #
  • Fantastic. More Metro cars blowing hot air. Orange line car 5170 and the car behind it feel like a greenhouse. #wmata #
  • One of those days where you wake up and say,"Damn, my breath can peel paint." #
  • Orange line train, car number 5085 – blowing hot air rather than AC. HORRIBLE. Come on, @wmata ! What's going on with these cars?! #wmata #
  • Is it sad that I think it's a minor miracle because all 4 escalators at Rosslyn are working? #wmata #

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