Is it that time already? AARP notifications…

Thisi is a very quick update at just before 6:30am. Why? Because, for the life of me, if I don’t find the time to do this then I never will.

I always used to think that only really old people were awake really early in the morning. It was funny because I thought that when I was a kid and a teen and I would hang out with my Pop while he got ready for work at 5am. Now that I’m older I find that I enjoy waking up early. I don’t enjoy going to the gym, but waking up while the rest of the my little universe is still at peace is the bees knees.

Recently, I’ve been reminded of my age, though. It isn’t that I have a hard time staying awake past midnight now or that I’m annoyed with younger people driving fast or playing their music too loud in their cars. Nay, it is something slightly more insidious: I keep getting requests to join from AARP in my email. I thought it was merely spam until one day I received the same type of literature in my snail mail.

On the same day that I got that little piece of mail from the Social Security Administration that tells you how long you’ve been working and how much you’ve made. And the list was long.

AARP. I’ve noticed an increase in those requests as well as ones for Cialis and Viagra. Dang nabbit. I’m only 38. I have a student employee working with me who is only 21. I’m almost twice his age. Heck, I think I’m a decade older or more than Carleigh and just over 15 years older than Sidney.

Aging blows. Screw it. Next time I go to the supermarket I’m going to ride in one of their complimentary Rascals.