iPhone Blogging Part 2

I’ve just started using this WordPress App for the iPhone and I think it is the bees knees. Previously, I would have either set up the blogs the I write for to accept posts by email or I would have to use the phone’s web browser. Using the browser was always a little bit of a pain. Setting up email was just a hassle.

Now I have a means to update all of my sites without having to be immediately connected to the ‘net.

EDIT (this morning): Yeah, so…I had this long post that I was working on which was a continuation of the above. I was so enamoured with the technology, championing it’s virtues and singing the praises of the WordPress App. Here I was, Captain Technology, typing my entry into my iPhone and waxing poetic about the state of mobile technology. It was amazing – at one point I took a call and the app had to move to the background. When I returned to it I was asked if I wanted to continue because my previous session was interrupted.

I no longer had to wait to get to a computer! I no longer had to use the Safari browser to type into the itty-bitty form field. I had the WordPress App on my iPhone! Since it used something like Google Gears I could type and save my changes locally. Eventually, when I was near a network or able to transmit wirelessly, I could change it from a local draft to an online draft or publish it. When I was finished writing my eloquent passages all I had to do was click the ‘done’ button to save it.

Yeah. All I had to do was click the ‘done’ button to save it.

I clicked it. The app disappeared and I returned to my home screen. I opened up the app again, confident that it had saved what I had written. It had only saved the first two paragraphs. Yep. The first two that you see above. The ones that I wrote last night.

Damn computers.