Love is blind and forgiving.

When you’re married you tend to turn a blind eye to many things. Ok, so Angela likes to sleep in while I like to wake up before the rest of humanity. Angela and I have an informal competition to see who can wait the longest to do the dishes, unload the dishwasher and do the laundry. I try not to watch Angela eat seafood, she tries not to watch me eat the other junk.

Let’s face it – in an ideal world you hope that you’re with that one person that will be with you for the rest of your life; the person that you hold near and dear to your heart for all eternity. This is the time for you to let yourself go and accept another person, foibles and all, and forgive any minor transgression that they may make against you.

For example…

Angela threw away one of my favorite, old t-shirts. This was a t-shirt that I got (for free) when I was in Centreville and Farley and I took part in the ‘Walkin’ the Dog’ fund raiser. The charity event took place at Bull Run Park in Manassas and was merely a bunch of people with their dogs walking around with a local meteorologist, Dan Henry. Let’s see…if I think Farley was about a year old so that would have made it 1998. Yep. She threw away a 10 year old t-shirt.

Oh, it was sooooo soft. And, er…well ventilated. Luckily I had two (haha! the ex-wife didn’t snag one!). But what she threw away was a good old friend, one of my “Go To” shirts when I wanted something comfy to wear. The collar was a tad mangled and the coloring was now more light gray than white. The adverts and logos had long since faded. And it now sits at the bottom of a trash bin.

I’ll miss you, old friend. As much as I loved you and cherished you I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to exact revenge and throw away something of hers. Oh, I dunno…like one of those new Louis Vuitton purses she bought.