The Aviary Phoenix image editor

Adobe Flash is starting to have to find different ways to leverage itself in the new web world. It used to be that you could create web pages with roll overs and simple effects and, more likely than not, it would require the Flash plug-in. However, the new crop of javascript libraries and various other APIs which have started popping up have somewhat marginalized the need for some of Flash’s functionality.

In the early 2000’s, Macromedia/Adobe started to position this tool as the basis for RIA, (Rich Internet Applications). You can see the fruits of their labor with their release of AIR in 2007. Flash is no longer used solely for passe website introduction pages, casual games or as a container for videos. The case can be made that it is a platform which could be leveraged to bring bigger and better applications to the web.



One very good example of this is Aviary.

“Aviary is a suite of rich internet applications geared for artists of all genres. From image editing to typography to music to 3D to video, we have a tool for everything. At Worth1000, we are creating a complex ecosystem for artists and providing the world with free, capable collaborative tools and an approach to collaboration and rights management that will turn the marketplace for online art on its head.”

If you get the chance, check it out. One of their most impressive tools is Phoenix, an image editing tool. A while back on the [epa-webowners] email distribution there was an post about Adobe releasing an online version of Photoshop. It turned out to solely be a release of an image gallery application, something along the lines of web-based tools such as Flickr, WebShots, and Photobucket. Personally, I was not impressed. Phoenix, on the other hand, is AMAZING.

Phoenix is positioned as an online image editing tool authored in Flash. I strongly suggest reading this article from downloadsquad:

Currently, the only tool available for use right now is Phoenix, a layer based image editor, with others soon to follow. We checked out Phoenix and thought it was pretty impressive. It has extensive features for indepth editing which should work for the casual user and pro alike. Some of Aviary’s tools will have an AIR version so you can use them offline and then sync when you get online.


Next time we’ll have a brief look at