Father’s Day

We’re off to Arlington to see dad today. It is Father’s Day, my second one without him. It hasn’t gotten any easier trying to cope with this. All week long I’ve felt myself starting to well up to cry whenever I think about it.

I’ve been jealous of all the people wishing other’s Happy Fathers Day, buying presents and gleefully saying what they’re going to do with their families. It has almost gotten to the point where I’ve started to despise them; spending time with their dad or their children is something I can no longer claim to have the luxury of doing.

I miss my dad so much. I keep catching myself starting to cry thinking about him and how he passed away; how I wasn’t there for him.

For those of you who still have fathers or who have chilldren I wish you a Happy Father’s Day from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy the time that you have together while you can.