Sunday Night Writer’s Block

Hey! Look at that! It is Sunday night and, lo and behold, I have writer’s block! Well, that’s sorta true and sorta untrue. I have a lot that I want to talk about but really no idea how I want to talk about it. Go figure, I’m at a loss for words.

This is one of the biggest problems that I’m having, too. I’m currently writing for a couple of places (both public and private sites) and I just keep running into a mental wall. Here’s an example: for a private blog on an intranet I have 6 articles queued up. I have the idea and the concept down but I haven’t gotten past writing the title. And, since some of these are technical titles, I have a habit assuming that everyone who reads my posts works the same way that I do and has the same technical background. This means that I have to take the time to go back and rewrite a lot of what I do in order to make it more easily accessible.

Ultimately, I’m getting frustrated with myself. Methinks that I’m going to have to just sit down one day and hammer a lot of these articles out.