I need my own Sherpa.

Oh, man. Today was the hallmark of my commuting journey. Let’s take a look at the chronology of it, shall we?

  • 7am – left the house, happy and bopping along
  • 7:30 – hanging out on the toll road, alternately listening to the radio and various CDs
  • 7:35 – ok, starting to get late. Jump off onto Route 7
  • 7:46 – travelling down 7, get stuck behind an army of minivans trying to turn left across two lanes of oncoming traffic with no light
  • 7:53 – call Angela and tell her that I’m across from her old haunts when she was in college on Route 29
  • 8:11 – Hey, look! I’m stuck in traffic with people trying to get to the Key Bridge! All the other arteries are shafted as well.
  • 8:30 – Whew! Made it to park in Rosslyn. But wait, I’m the last car allowed in and there are no more spaces. I get to park in front of somebody’s refreshment cart. The parking lot attendant guides me into my spot but doesn’t want my keys to move it. This doesn’t bode well. However, i can still make it to work by 9-9:10!
  • 8:35 – on the Metro. Metro is packed. Must resist urge to kill people.
  • 8:40 – Just after Foggy Bottom, the train driver stops and says ‘We’ll be here for a few minutes. A passenger got sick on the train in front of us’.
  • 8:50 – train moves and I hit Metro Center
  • 9:46 – Finally walk through the office doors in Bethesda.

Wow. This royally blew monkey chunks. I need a beer.