Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • Considering forming a jazz trio consisting of a Tibetan throat singer, a vuvuzela and a didgeridoo. #
  • Dang it. I keep getting job offers outside of the 50 mile radius of where I want to work. #
  • SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE FIRED! There are no honey buns in the vending machine!! #
  • I cannot wait to pick up my new iPhone next week solely so I could use all of it's new technology for this: #
  • Graduation traffic outside the university. I'm feeling stabby. #
  • Dammit. Another high school graduation has me stuck in a university parking lot. Kids, get your GED instead. #
  • North Carolina bound. Off to Zebulon. Probably going to drive around & look for Mergatroid. #

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