And the television horror just continues

So last night, Angela made me watch “Trading Spouses” on Fox. It was about a new age, hypnotherapist trading families with a religous nut job woman from Louisiana. Oh. My. God. Shoot me. I literally wanted to punch my television. All this hooha about ‘the dark side’ and ‘rebuke you in the name of the Lord’ just made me feel all sorts of irritated.

I think Angela does this on purpose. I think she’s trying to get me to have a heart attack.

Ugh. All this screeching and yelling on the television, a fat assed, gap toothed behemoth barfing in bushes because she smells evil in the house and religous persecution because someone isn’t a Christian. Oh, yeah. Loads of laughs before I go to bed. Maybe that’s the allure of all this crappy television: it makes you realize how much you have going for you rather than leading the miserable life that these people are leading.

I swear. The next time I sit down with Angela to watch tv, I’m going to mentally try and hide in my happy place…

…ah…Best Buy! Where I can buy a large screen, plasma tv! So I could see all this tripe in all of its large, crisp glory!