My video game horror

I was online with Clare today and we started discussing video games. She was telling me how she & Travis hook up online and play Capcom’s Resident Evil 5. This is the horror video game that takes place in Africa

Clare: Oh its TOTAL freak out
Me: *shudder*
Clare: but
Clare: ill do for you what foxxy does for me
Clare: I make him go first
Clare: and just provide cover
Me: uh
Me: no
Clare: Well minus the time i set him on fire
Clare: shot him
Clare: dropped him off the bridge
Clare: and tazed him
Clare: but he started it.
Me: can’t you guys play something simple?!
Me: like Modern Warfare?!
Me: that won’t freak me out
Clare: zombie apocolypses are fun!
Clare: have you tried Assassins Creed yet?
Me: i refuse to play a zombie game and then have to go downstairs into the basement to do my laundry
Clare: LOL

No. No, no and double no. Listen, I can watch and do most things but when it comes to the supernatural, the dead/undead and paranormal I just don’t want to even think about it. And frogs. I hate frogs. And goat eyes. They freak me out.