And Now, A Word From Angela

NOTE: The following post was done by my wife, Angela, and appears without edits.

Guest writer time again, kids. I will say that I am nowhere near as eloquent as my husband (my talents lie more in pure intimidation and inciting fear), but I will give it a shot as I feel this will help shed some light onto our relationship, and how we came to be at this point. And for those of you who are slow and can’t infer from the previous sentences, this is Michael’s wife. Don’t believe it? Then please just stop reading.

First- some background:
Michael and I have been married for 4 years. Before that we knew each other for about 3. Of that, we dated on and off for about 2. I say on and off because I had a serious problem with commitment, and, honestly, trusting myself and my feelings. Michael was able to see this, and managed to put up with me, against the wishes of many of his friends (I’m looking at you, down under!). Michael was able to see this, and be patient enough to wait without losing respect for me, as I’m sure it wasn’t easy to watch the woman you loved go gallivanting off with all sorts of idiotic man boys, and yet still maintain an unbiased friendship.

Cammy has been mentioned here before, and I’ll do it again- I owe her my current happiness. Cammy visited Michael during one of our rocky times, and Michael and her gallivanted a bit on their own. When I found out (via Michael’s own mouth, no less), I was livid. I had no right to be, mind you. I had a boyfriend, and Michael was single. We got back together shortly after, and I realized that I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. It was still a growing process, but Cammy started me on the path to realizing what it was I had, and what I could lose: my lover, my best friend, my partner.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are. I feel I have the greatest relationship with Michael because of where we’ve been, and I can’t wait to go forward. I think we both have pretty liberal views on our marriage- but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I trust him implicitly, as he does me. But it’s because we choose not to constantly question each other, as I see in many other relationships. It takes that whole insecurity issue right out of our relationship, and it’s wonderful.

Every day- every married/committed individual makes a decision to stay true to their significant other; do you go to work? or do you go to your ex’s house? At any time either of us could make a decision that could end our relationship, and we both know that would be the result. Heavy? You betchya. But true? Yes. And it’s how we’ve decided to live our lives. It helps because those who know us, know that we are both flirty people. We love the little squeezes, and flirty touches, and god help us against strict workplace sexual harassment policies, but hey…who doesn’t like to feel like the sexiest, most enchanting girl in the world?

Michael makes me feel like this every day. And I know that he makes others feel this way too. He can make a 60 year old woman feel like she’s still a vivacious, sexy creature, not just a grandmother who wakes up in the morning with sore ankles. He can show a 21 year old how to take a compliment, and how she should be treated by members of the opposite sex. He just makes you feel special, and in turn, teaches you how to value yourself as well through his offer of friendship. And it is just that- whether he holds you, or kisses you hello, it’s just his way of showing you how special you are to him. It doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with you- although many women seem to be so jaded that they feel any man who shows them a certain level of attention only has this goal in mind. It’s just Michael.

Am I jealous of this? No- because I know he is true and he is mine. If you happen to be one of his women friends, and you step over that line, he’ll let you know. Nicely at first, and then more blatantly (head’s up again, Aussies!).

Again, many women don’t agree with my views. My mother thinks I’m plum nuts. And I agree- I would literally have to walk in on him and another woman (but Sam, you’ve got a pass!) to believe he was being untrue..and I know that that would be it for me. And likewise on the other side as well. But just imagine how liberating it is to not to have to think about what he does and where he goes every day, questioning his love and faithfulness.

So ladies, I’m not stupid, anything could happen, I hear about pretty much everything that goes on, and I know what I would do if something ever did happen (I already have the plot picked out in the back yard), but until that point- enjoy him as I have. Because even though you may not be getting all of him, the part he chooses to share is still pretty amazing.