Friday Night & I’m Alone

I hadn’t written about this before because I didn’t want to jinx her: Angela quit her job. Her last day was today. I am so proud of her that she found a new job as a Director of Marketing just a few minutes from our house and with the larger salary, greater responsibility and something that makes her happy. Her last job seemed to be draining every iota of sanity from her what with the deluge of office politics and regular stupidity. So, tonight, she is out on the town boozing it up with her former co-workers. I made sure to give her some sound words of wisdom before she went out:

“Just remember to try and keep your underwear on.”

I thought it was good advice. You never know – she might get lucky and find a hot guy like she did in Chicago. George Michael look alike indeed. I like to tease her that maybe he had other characteristics like George Michael (am I spelling that right? I’m too lazy to check.). You know, like a craving for strapping young lads wearing gimp masks. Truth be told, I don’t mind as long as she’s having fun and comes home safe. She deserves it, right? A good ol’ celebratory bar crawl never hurt nobody. I should have told her to make sure nobody takes pictures.

Me? I came home. I’m at home with the dogs and…I’m depressed. And lonely. And sad. Sam asked if I wanted to go see him at Axis tonight but I had to take care of the pooches. There are only two people that I know who read my site that know why I’m feeling like this. Angela’s busy getting tanked and might somehow wind up drunk as a skunk or she may end up downtown dancing the night away. The other person is Liz. Yeah, Liz with the big mouth and no sense.

Please, Liz – don’t say anything.

Tonight it will be just me, my Chet Baker mp3’s and a big, heaping bowl of melancholy.  I feel pretty empty and alone. It makes me realize how much I miss laughing. Its been a long time since I felt like this. After riding high for the past few months it feels like I’ve been dropped face first into the pavement. I don’t really like it.