The Dirt: The Hens Band Together

One woman. Two women. A gaggle of women. Here is another one of my favorite tricks to attracting members of the opposite sex: hang out with them.  I don’t know if it is like using other people as bait, but it sure as heck works.

Here’s my theory: women like to know that a guy can get along well with other women. If a woman sees you having a normal conversation with a woman you pass the test. If you are out with multiple women and things still seem normal about you then you’re golden.

If you hang out with a pack of men it can be intimidating. Of course, if you are hanging out with your friends then women are still checking you and your friends out trying to figure out which of you is the most attractive. Damn natural selection. However, men in packs tend to be loud and boisterous and fueled by liquid courage or testosterone.

To make things even more interesting, get a bunch of REALLY good looking friends. Talk about a tactic to get others interests raised. Both men and women will look at you and wonder how in God’s name you were able to get gorgeous girlfriends like that. Then the thought of whether you slept with any of them will flash through their minds. After a few minutes of laughing in their heads they’ll get back to wondering what it is about you that has caught the attention of women who are obviously out of your league.