iHate the iPhone (ok, not really)

Someone, please help me. PLEASE. Especially if you work for Cingular, AT&T or Apple. Or even if you have a friend with sticky fingers or possibly deals in shady business practices out of the trunk of their car. Angela is driving me nuts with this iPhone obsession she has. Right now she’s already ‘shushed’ me 4 times while she was watching an Apple promotional video.

Dear God. She just said “I need to find a way to insure delivery of this to me on Friday. Maybe if I bake cookies. But that would seem like an outright bribe”.


Angela would also like everyone to know that there will soon be a Cingular 8525 available soon.  She didn’t think it was funny when I reskinned my 8525 to look like an iPhone, including the slider screensaver.  I mean, I love being a gadget freak, too, but she’s officially zonked out over this dumb thing.

I probably won’t get one. Or, if she does get one, I’ll see if she can get a second one so that I can test on it and most likely brick it. I like having a tactile keyboard. And I already go nuts with stupid finger prints on my 8525 and on my PSP.  Would I really want to borrow someone’s phone and have to touch the screen after they’ve smeared their grubby hands all over it? Nay, I say. And I can’t wait to see which video formats it plays. And the battery life after it keeps scanning for the bluetooth handset is a big mystery to me, too.

If anything, I’d wait for the 2nd or 3rd generation iPhone to come out. Angela, on the other hand, is probably going to treat this phone the same way little girls treat their American Girls dolls. I fully expect to see the thing wearing a little sweater and a little hat the day after she buys it.