Women: Man’s Best Friend (Part I) – Reading Is Fundamental

I have a weird gift. Some people call it a talent. My friend Sam says that it is a talent that I am letting go to waste. What is it? I have an uncanny knack for getting to know women. To me, this seems like a win-win situation. I love women. Getting to know them makes it even more fun.

When I was in high school I was just your average guy. I had a great group of friends and a couple of romantic girlfriends. My freshman and sophomore years were horrible. Ok, not that horrible. I wound up losing my virginity my freshman year. I decided at that early age that I enjoyed the company of women. Let’s be honest – I also enjoyed a good romp in the hay. So I set out to learn as much about the other sex as possible. Did I listen to Dr. Ruth as she was quite popular at the time? Heavens, no! I read. I read as much as I could get my grubby little hands on. Not only did I read books on relationships and the differences between the sexes, I voraciously read women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, W, Elle and Glamour.

At the time things were going well.  I made lots of female ‘friends’.  And then one summer, when I was 18 and working at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, everything changed simply by meeting one person. Let’s skip the names, shall we? Let’s just say that at that innocent, young age I was picked up by a 40 year old woman.  While we’re skipping names, let’s also skip over the details of that summer filled with animalistic sex with her. Face it – she owned me for three months.

I have such praise for older women. Especially if you’re a horny, young guy lucky enough to get picked up by one.

During that three months she physically wore me out. However, she also taught me to listen, observe and learn more than just about women and relationships. It was absolutely amazing. From that point on I learned to tuck away little bits of information in that cavernous thing called my brain. Snippets of conversations where important events, desires, dislikes were mentioned were meticulously filed away to be recalled later. I got an appreciation for reading the news paper and for watching the news.  She made me aware that there is so much more out there to learn – world events, history, fashion, politics, entertainment news, cars, toys, almost anything else – that would make talking with  women so much easier.

By putting my previous reading binge together with what I learned from her, I have somehow been able to become a very, very approachable person.

Lesson to learn from this? Pay attention, read, and don’t come off as being stupid. Women hate stupid. People in general hate stupid.  And the smart women can tell when you’re bullshitting a topic.

More later…