Where’s my stapler?

You know, being the new guy at a new job always has its disadvantages.

  • I’m currently working as a designer in Bethesda. BETHESDA. My daily commute to work is about 1.5 – 2 hours. Ugh.
  • This morning, traffic sucked and then the Metro train had to be stopped because, according to the driver, they had to make sure the doors were all shut.
  • The elevator that I was riding on stopped and I was stuck between floors with a bunch of people. One guy kept pestering another man about the “Wall Street Journal” he was carrying.
  • My home workstation is twice as powerful as the one I have at work
  • The machine that I’m working on has been used by several people before me, so the hard drive space is completely used up. And I don’t have Admin rights to see other people’s home directories in order to archive some of it. This means that whenever I start up applications that use the hard disk as a scratch disk I’m screwed.
  • I have a big application demo due tomorrow (keep in mind that I’ve only been here a week) and I’m 50/50 on whether the multimedia presentation that I’m putting together is going to work or not…namely because the application is a little far from finished
  • I’m going to come home late and the dogs are going to be all excited to see me and I’m going to be exhausted
  • Angela is gone for the week so that means nobody at home to talk to. Just me and the pets.

Tomorrow I’m going off site to work at a facility that is short handed web developers. Oy. I’m sincerely looking at working for my Dog Walker. I really like the people that I work with, though. They are a really nice bunch and they’ve started to ‘get’ the way I work and my mannerisms. It is a completely different environment than my last job – a small, intimate office as compared to the the vast blandness of the GAO. And there are lots of bunnies walking around outside. 🙂 We’ll see how this goes. I’m still up in the air about it. Luckily, everyone knows how I feel about things at this current job and there are no misconceptions about whether or not I may stay or leave.

I really need to find the perfect job or hit it big in the lottery. Wait…I guess I need to start playing the lottery…