iPhone Music

I love my iPhone. I know that there are haters out there who are all sorts of anti-Apple but, come on, you sort of have to get over it. In terms of design Apple has done a lot to revolutionize our concept of user interfaces as well as interacting with our devices. For instance, there are numerous apps concerning music. There are drum machines, pianos, accordions, that goofy ocarina thing that you blow into. By the way, I’m sure that there are numerous Android apps and WebOS apps that are similar so quit getting your panties tied up in a knot.

So, let’s say that I wanted to make music to accompany my spectacular singing voice. 🙁 Ok, we all know I’m not that talented but just follow along with me. One of the last things that I would think of doing would be to spend $$$ on multiple iPhones and strap them to an ironing board frame

Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to buy a keyboard/synthesizer?!