Some People Should Just Learn To Shut Up

You know, I had thought that out of the respect of my last Program Manager that I could just leave my last job without having to deal with stupidity. Lo and behold, it finds me, instead.

An actual conversation with one of the people from my last job after I left:

designgrrl67 (1:39:28 PM): We didn’t get to say goodbye

mkinguillo (3:46:27 PM): Considering the way that both you and Pete both behave and the way I was treated, it is no skin off my teeth. I said my good-byes to the people who would appreciate it rather than think that it was some fake sense of obligation.

designgrrl67 (3:49:16 PM): Once again, we’ve already discussed the “whys”… It’s YOU who poses.

mkinguillo (3:50:26 PM): Yes, that is ‘why’ the temps are annoyed with you and feel like they can’t even walk into your office without feeling like they’re bothering you.

mkinguillo (3:50:46 PM): That is why the people on contract are amazed at the turn around in your attitudes

mkinguillo (3:50:52 PM): Yep. It sure is me.

mkinguillo (3:50:54 PM): All me.

designgrrl67 (3:51:50 PM): PELICAN.

mkinguillo (3:51:53 PM): I got to hear it from both sides of the hall.

mkinguillo (3:52:06 PM): all the way from sysadmins down to app developers

designgrrl67 (3:52:11 PM): PELICAN.

designgrrl67 (3:52:24 PM): PELICAN

mkinguillo (3:52:23 PM): so go right ahead and say it is all me.

mkinguillo (3:52:33 PM): You should probably do yourself a favor and block me

designgrrl67 (3:52:46 PM): PELICAN

designgrrl67 (3:53:12 PM): That’s what we heard up and down the hall.

mkinguillo (3:53:16 PM): I’m no longer obligated by LM to be nice to you

designgrrl67 (3:53:29 PM): What’s your point?

mkinguillo (3:53:29 PM): No, what everyone heard down the hall was your cackling laughter

mkinguillo (3:53:34 PM): because it is so loud

designgrrl67 (3:53:54 PM): Brenda loves it. That’s why they keep me around.

mkinguillo (3:53:57 PM): and make people wonder if you have enough work to keep you busy

designgrrl67 (3:54:08 PM): Oh yeah they gave me a big fat raise.

mkinguillo (3:54:17 PM): big whoop

designgrrl67 (3:54:27 PM): And a big laptop.

mkinguillo (3:54:30 PM): oh, yay.

designgrrl67 (3:54:39 PM): Of course, I dont’ get HR visits either.

mkinguillo (3:54:40 PM): that’s what a straight html coder should get.

mkinguillo (3:55:00 PM): Of course not, especially since I asked for it

designgrrl67 (3:55:13 PM): Then why take a job you can’t even perform well in?

mkinguillo (3:55:13 PM): again, speaking about something you know absolutely nothing about

designgrrl67 (3:55:33 PM): I know all about it. We go way back. PELICAN

mkinguillo (3:55:37 PM): Uh, huh

designgrrl67 (3:56:01 PM): I’m flattered that you continue to write.

mkinguillo (3:56:23 PM): No, I’m amazed at your imcompetence ‘boo hoo! we can’t do that! we’re not programmers!’

mkinguillo (3:56:57 PM): way to go. an html coder.

designgrrl67 (3:57:05 PM): You couldn’t even write CSS

mkinguillo (3:57:07 PM): uh huh

designgrrl67 (3:57:30 PM): If I were a programmer, I’d be working for Gerry. That’s why they separate us.

mkinguillo (3:57:30 PM): At least Pete has a fighting chance if he ever decides to leave the contract

designgrrl67 (3:57:51 PM): You know nothing about me.

mkinguillo (3:58:09 PM): Yeah, you’ve never even tried to log onto the servers and discover what goes on or how it works

designgrrl67 (3:58:25 PM): Not my specialty.

designgrrl67 (3:58:41 PM): I’m not technical.

mkinguillo (3:58:52 PM): That’s part of your incompetence. Every web designer should at least know how to log into their servers via ssh

designgrrl67 (3:59:03 PM): And I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.

mkinguillo (3:59:10 PM): And they should know the intricacies of their operating systems

designgrrl67 (3:59:15 PM): You should work on getting things write from the ground up.

mkinguillo (3:59:17 PM): and paths to their work

designgrrl67 (3:59:35 PM): If you are so smart, why were you pushed out the door?

mkinguillo (3:59:47 PM): I wasn’t pushed out the door

mkinguillo (3:59:55 PM): again, talking about something you know nothing about.

designgrrl67 (3:59:59 PM): Yes you were.

mkinguillo (4:00:02 PM): Uh, no you weren’t

designgrrl67 (4:00:17 PM): Talking about yourself in the 3rd person ?

mkinguillo (4:00:43 PM): I hated working with you and Pete, I saw no point in staying and my wife decided that she couldn’t do her job properly telecommuting

designgrrl67 (4:00:57 PM): I understand that.

designgrrl67 (4:01:26 PM): You sure turned ugly on me pretty easily. I’m sorry but it was no fun redoing your work.

mkinguillo (4:01:44 PM): Uh huh.

designgrrl67 (4:01:56 PM): PELICAN

mkinguillo (4:01:59 PM): And why did you have to redo it? Because of the same problems I hear from the temps

mkinguillo (4:02:05 PM): you guys barely explain anything

designgrrl67 (4:02:13 PM): Because your code doesn’t validate.

mkinguillo (4:02:13 PM): and they pretty much have to grasp around

designgrrl67 (4:02:29 PM): No one believes you.

mkinguillo (4:02:35 PM): Yeah, live in your little world

designgrrl67 (4:02:40 PM): PELICAN

mkinguillo (4:02:44 PM): No one has to believe me

mkinguillo (4:02:55 PM): because people offer up the information without me asking

designgrrl67 (4:03:17 PM): well, when you become manager, you can have your little kingdom

designgrrl67 (4:03:22 PM): good luck.

mkinguillo (4:03:33 PM): Uh huh

mkinguillo (4:03:50 PM): 1) I’ve already been one; 2) I’m going to a job to be one

mkinguillo (4:04:10 PM): so, like you said

mkinguillo (4:04:14 PM): good luck to you

I’m glad I left.