Pray for my father.

Even though I’m not really religious, I have no problem asking those of you that are to pray for my father. And for those of you that aren’t then I beg that you wish him well.

I was at an interview today (that I nailed) and I got a phone call from my sister. I called her back immediately after the interview and she gave me some dire news: my dad was in the hospital. My parents, my oldest sister and her new husband were all flying back on a direct flight to Virginia when my father started feeling ill.  According to my middle sister, the flight attendants asked if there was a doctor on board and, luckily, there was.  They were forced to make an emergency landing in Denver.

From there it gets confusing. She said that an ambulance took him from one hospital but they weren’t equipped to handle his dialysis. He then took another emergency vehicle to another hospital that could take care of him. From what I understand, he has fluid in his lungs and they’re putting him through his dialysis to help him fight off whatever he’s got. During my sister’s wedding weekend my eldest sister told me that Dad had another health issue, too. He was starting to show signs of an enlarged heart.

Those of you who are close friends of mine remember that in 2000 my father went through Hell and was in the ICU at Portsmouth Naval Hostpital for 6 months. We were lucky that he survived that ordeal but it drastically changed everyone’s life. Since he’s already in pretty fragile health we don’t know if he’ll be able to recover from this.  Like almost every other person out there I don’t know if I’m ready to let go of my dad.

I thought parents were supposed to be invincible. I don’t want him to die.