The 300GB paperweight

Sigh. So I’m sitting here still fuming over the fact that I have an external Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB drive sitting on top of my computer. That’s because that is all that it is doing: sitting. The damn thing just stopped all of a sudden. Yep. No USB, no fireware, no recognition on any machine that I connect it to. D-E-A-D. This is the week that I try and get Maxtor to pony up for it.

What’s worse is that we bought this thing a few months ago to act as an archive of our material. It has (had) files from my old machines that I’m going to miss. UGH. So much for some of my favorite fansubs: Scrapped Princess, Beck, Midori no Hibi, School Rumble and a few others. And past work like templates, documents, images. Son of a bitch, the images. I had a picture of my grandparents that was scanned in that was found behind an air conditioning unit in the Philippines. It was a wedding picture that I was restoring. GONE. Oh, yeah. And some of my wedding pictures. And a few gigs worth of mp3s.

Every article or newspost/forum post that I’ve read isn’t helpful. And the Maxtor website is useless. I think I’m doomed.

I hate computers. Maybe I shouldn’t get a job in that industry again.