The Occaissional Roundup.

Tuesday and my body still hurts. For all those interested, here are some of my Paintball Pics: Face it, I’m not as young as I used to be nor am I as thin. Or nimble. Heck, some would even argue ‘smart’. In any event, paintball was a blast again. We had about 20 people show up and it proved to be a decent mix. Some interesting notes ‘From the Field’:

  • – Sure, having a tricked out gun like Dan (Hacker) did is nice and cool and all, but when it came down to it I really don’t think it gives you that much of an advantage. Face it – in the real world a rusty, old .22 caliber pea shooter can kill you just as easily as a Desert Eagle.
  • – Speaking of pistols, the one that I brought was a crowd pleaser. Practical? Not really. The refs got to play with it more than I did. But it packed quite a wallop. It was my last ditch weapon just in case I ran out of ammo on the field.
  • – I dread organizing this event. Angela and I got into heated arguments about it and I have to admit that she really does a phenomenal job collecting money and doling out weapons and such. Which is why I sort of question whether or not I should try doing this again. What makes me flip-flop on the issue? See the next bullet…
  • – I truly enjoy everyone’s reaction when it is all said and done. Everyone has a good time and there is much smack talking going around. Everyone is tired. Everyone is bruised. Everyone is smiling and laughing.

You guys really make it hard to make a decision. Ah, well. I’ve got 6 months to figure it out. I do know one thing: If we play again I’m bringing a video camera to record stuff. I have maybe one or two crusty videos from the weekend that I’ll post.

Observations of North Carolina

  • – They started playing Christmas music on November 1st.
  • – I’ve never been to a state where there have been more radio stations named after animals. So far there is the Rooster, the Cougar and a few others. I’m thinking of my own station – “Thank you for listening to Sloth 96!”.
  • – I’ve never been happier to see a Target in all my life
  • – People smile and say ‘Hello’ a lot.
  • – Research Triangle is made up mostly of people from other states/countries. It is a little hard finding a true local here.
  • – Aside from the State Fair, one of the big items on the news the other night was the opening of a Costco.