Oh, I’m Still Alive.

Yeah, yeah. So I cribbed a lyric from Pearl Jam. Big whoop. Contrary to some of your best wishes, I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth and get smothered by a bunch of worms. Or blond women in bikinis. Damn. I would pay good money for that last part. Really. I’m now here in the great Tar Heel state while my wife is in Virginia. You would think it would be a grand party and what not with hookers and strippers and all sorts of debauchery but it isn’t. Dang it.

I’m lonely. I have both dogs with me but caring for them in an apartment by myself can drain every bit of energy and tolerance from you, especially when the large one eats your comforter and barks loudly. Nothing like having to use the bathroom in the morning and the dog starts barking at what is probably just leaves out side and you have to open the door telling him to be quiet and so that he sees you, sitting there, in all your crapping glory, and comes to you quietly. Ugh.

And the move itself was less than stellar. I’ll have more stories in the days to come. Right now I’m tired. And I’m typing on the floor because I don’t have a desk. I hope I get over the lonliness soon. I’m trying to find things to occupy my time and keep my mind off of not knowing anyone down here or having someone to come home to.  It has been 6 years since I’ve lived alone. I don’t like it. At least when I was by myself before I was in an area that I knew and there were people that I could go to. Right now, I have nobody.

Just me and the dogs.