These Boots Were Made For Walkin’…

Countdown to departure has started. I’m leaving this weekend for North Carolina and I start the new job on Monday. Yeesh. The entire ‘scrape-together-a-place-to-stay’ thing is a real pain. Luckily, I found an apartment that will allow me and my pooches to live together. Another lucky nugget: it will be about 15 minutes from where I will be working and only 10 minutes from where we’re going to build our new house.

I’ve had my fair share of friends and acquaintences tell me both congratulations as well as ‘oh, why are you moving?!’. Evidently, they don’t want me to move. I can sort of understand that. I don’t like change, either. But people, you gotta consider that first and foremost comes my immediate family. After them comes the rest of my family. The rest of you? You’re prioritized around 3rd or 4th. Will I miss you? Of course. But this is life, no? I’m not responsible for your happiness.
So for all intents and purposes I will no longer be in the Washington, DC, area. I’ll be alone with my dogs in North Carolina.

Various observations

– You think I would be smart enough to know that I shouldn’t eat left over tacos from Taco Bell for breakfast. Oh, but no…

– Getting a house ready for sale is a pain in the ass.

– Our new house will be about 30% larger than our current house.

– Meow. My realtor in North Carolina is a minx.

– Cutting down a large shrub in front of my office would have really sucked without a chainsaw. Now too much light comes in and my cat likes to sit at the window yelling at the birds and squirrels.