There’s no business like snow business…

A few observations about this Blizzard of 2010:

  • On Friday, February 5th, it seemed like the scene from Independence Day when all of the humans were excited to see the alien spacecraft flying over their city. Then, as Jeff Goldblum watches his timer countdown to zero, the joy and jubilation in everyone’s faces freezes. Everyone was excited and cheering at first and we all waited to see what was going to happen, holding our breath with anticipation. Then, the snow came and it was like the aliens had just opened up the bay doors of their craft and let loose with their death ray and bitch slapped everything in its path.
  • When people are face to face with the wrath of Mother Nature, their concern for their fellow man seems to be flushed down the toilet. Seriously, you want to get into a yelling match with me over the last fucking snow shovel that I’m buying for a friend? AND YOUR WIFE IS ALREADY HOLDING 3?!
  • Knowing that this was going to happen I went shopping earlier in the week and stocked up on tons of stuff. It seems that other people waited until the last minute. I pity the late comer who had nothing left to choose from except spinach tortillas and pickled lutefisk.
  • On the flip side of buying all my food and supplies days in advance I felt that during the first hour, as the snow started to pile up over 8″, I needed to eat all of it. For all that’s holy I couldn’t stop stuffing my face.
  • I can only watch so much television
  • I’ve lost track of time
  • Next time your wife tells you that you can’t have a snow blower show her the pictures that you’ve been snapping. And then ask for a flamethrower to sweeten the deal.
  • Local news has the worst names for this event. “Snow-pocalypse”, “Snow-mageddon”, “Mother of all snow storms”.
  • My disdain for television meteorologists has grown exponentially
  • During all this downtime I could be doing something productive like working on several other projects. But I’m not. Instead, I’m going through my mental checklist and figuring out logistics: nap first, then tv, check my email or is it check my email, watch some tv and then take a nap…
  • Dear illegal immigrants who have decided to live in the house next door: I don’t think you’re going to be able to drive very far so please stop trying to dig out your car and please stop throwing that snow into the middle of our cul-de-sac

With that said, I’m now off to take a nap. Or maybe check my email. Or, quite possibly, I’ll go find a snack.