And we’re back…sort of.

As you may well have realized, has been incommunicado for almost a year. It has been quite the experience. The original site used bblog. According to their site:

NEWSFLASH: bBlog is dead! Long live bBlog!

After a number of years of the bBlog project, with the last couple inactive, it is time to call it a day.

bBlog is no longer activly maintained, and there are no plans to carry on with development.
There was an attempt to resurrect the project, but after a year nothing has come of it.

For this reason, it is not reccomended to carry on using bBlog, instead I suggest you try
Other Blogging Software

That was in 2005.

This led us to convert the old site from bblog to WordPress last year. Almost everything was migrated and we had up and running for about 3 months when all hell broke lose. Our Pimp-In-Charge, Smash, ran into a bit of a quandry when his ISP had an internal bitch slapping session amongst its owner and staff which ultimately led to the company disappearing. This, in turn, stranded a lot of site owners who had no way of getting back their content. Luckily, we at least had a partial archive of the site.

So here we are. Up and running again but with a few glitches. Please be patient with us as we try to salvage as much as possible and fix what we can. Or don’t be patient. Put your big boy pants on and take a walk. Maybe when you come back we’ll have most everything fixed or new content.