The EyeWriter

There are things in this world that make you very, very humble. I take for granted that I can walk around and do all of the monotonous and stupid things that I do – drive, wash dishes, eat a burrito, brush my hair, point at an angry looking deer peering at me through the bushes. But then you stumble across things that make you sit and reflect about how lucky you are.

This blew my mind, especially since they stated that

  • This is an open source project
  • The cost was around $50


I’ve always imagined that I would go insane if I were in the same physical state as Tempt – completely immobile, unable to talk and yet my mind is completely awake and functioning. When they got to the part where Tempt was tagging the building I thought that I recognized the application that they were using was from the Graffiti Research Lab. Those guys do some fascinating and intriguing stuff –

L.A.S.E.R. Tag –

One of the first things that I ever saw from them was the L.E.D. Throwie –

It makes me marvel even more that Stephen Hawking has written tomes.

These people, the ones who are using the assistive technology as well as the people who have built them, amaze me to no end.