Working in the Coal Mines…

My week has been “interesting” to say the least.  It seems like right when I don’t want to find a job that everyone wants to offer me a job. Here are a few examples of opportunities that have come my way.

  1. The last job that I was at – the one where I really didn’t feel like I fit in and I didn’t really like how they treated me – actually had an openning for a new position. Guess who they contacted to ask if I wanted to go for it?  That’s right, yours truly.  Remember, this job is 5 minutes away from my house and I was told that it had the potential to reach $80k/year. Meh.  I turned it down.
  2. As I was in Lowes looking for a screw (haha!), I had a conversation with a recruiter. This recruiter was looking for someone to be a Graphics Arts Design Team Lead. Oh, that was intriguing. For one of the leading Government Contractors in the US no less! Upon further grilling I discovered an amazing piece of irony: they were recruiting me for Danna’s position!!! Oh, God. I about peed myself.  Let’s investigate this further, shall we?  I hired Danna. I hired Jay. I recommended Jay for my job when I left. Jay finally got my old job and became the direct supervisor to Danna. Danna decided to leave at the end of this month and…that’s how I wound up laughing my ass off in the Lowes. “Your resume is PERFECT for this position, Michael.” Yeah. It should be.  I built that position, probably had a hand in writing the original job requirements for it and developed the team that reported to me.  And they want me to go back? But not at the level that I was at or higher?!?!  Yeah, bad mojo there. No offense, Danna and Jay, but that would just be a little insulting. Turned that down quickly.
  3. Another position that I was very qualified for (some would say over qualified) interviewed me and made an offer to me to work downtown. I love working downtown and I’m willing to take a pay cut (previous two positions were 2/3 my original salary) but there is a plateau that I don’t think I’ll dip beneath.  So what happens?  Salary negotiations floundered and they passed me over. Evidently I was out of their price range.

Where does this leave me? Well, for starters I don’t really care. I’ve got my dogs and I’ve got freelance work. Now it is just a waiting game.  I keep getting contacted by recruiters and other places and if the right opportunity comes around I’ll probably take it. Until then I’ll be doing what I am doing now and just enjoy myself.  It seems like if people want to talk to me about a job they evidently know where to find me.

But then again, I really do enjoy having days like today: falling asleep by myself watching World Cup soccer and waking up with both dogs snuggled up next to me.  :)  I like it when Farley snores.