I’m a happy homemaker!

So, my first day of self-imposed unemployment went by. It was interesting, to say the least. I am both relaxed and bored silly. This was my plan after all, right?! As such, I’m trying to get a lot of my sidework out of the way so that I could concentrate on doing something different and something new. I’ll be darned if the dogs sleeping don’t make me envy them even more, all snuggly and comfy and flipped upside down. Today will be concentrated on cleaning the house more and cleaning the boys. They have grown to have such an interesting funk to them, like a cross between wet fur, a ham and pine needles. Cleaning and cooking. Cooking and cleaning. My, God. I’ve just turned into June Cleaver. All that is missing is my apron and my string of pearls.

Ok, there has to be more to this. I think that the main agenda right now is: GET THE HOUSE CLEAN. Today’s list of chores:

  • Open the windows and air the place out
  • clean the dogs
  • clean the microwave
  • look at the bed
  • fold some clothes
  • look at the bed again
  • straighten the guest room
  • look at the bed in the guest room
  • crawl under the covers
  • pass out
  • wake up with three pets sitting on the bed with me
  • run around and clean some more before Angela gets home

I’m also trying this new layout. Let me know if your eyes bleed. Sitting in the dark and writing this it makes me a tad dizzy.

Mmmmm...cakes.And before I forget I stumbled upon some works online of one of my favorite artists: Wayne Thiebaud. How can you NOT like an artist that made a name for himself by drawing pastries? Oh, Mikey likes. Mikey likes a lot. He got his start in the 1950’s doing advertising and consumer design. Simple in design and composition, Thiebaud’s works has been called a “blue collar still life” as it depict things other than regular fruit. The colors are typically muted and give his paintings an ethereal feel. According to Thiebaud:

When I painted the first row of pies, I can remember sitting and laughing – sort of a silly relief – “Now I have flipped out!” The one thing that allowed me to do that was having been a cartoonist. I did one and thought, “That’s really crazy, but no one is going to look at these things anyway, so what the heck.

Speaking of cakes, Danna comes home from France today! Yayyy!!! I missed Danna!