Contact Me

Oh, ye of little faith. Everyone and their mother wants to know how the hell to contact me. It is pretty simple, actually: email me. Did you really think I was going to post a physical address or a phone number on the internet? Here are some easy ways to contact me:

On instant messengers:

  • AIM username: mkinguillo
  • Yahoo username: michael_inguillo
  • Google Hangouts:
  • Skype: Wearypuzzlehead

I’m one of those freaks that keeps AIM up all the time and, when not near a computer, I forward it to my phone and text message from there.

You can also try me on:

  • Twitter: @puzzlehead
  • Instagram: @puzzlehead

Unapproved methods of contact:

  • Tribal drums
  • Telepathy
  • Using Lassie to bark at me and make me say “What’s wrong girl? You want me to follow you?”
  • Sky writing
  • Interpretive dance
  • Carrier pidgeons

There you have it.