Trailer from Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Alice in Wonderland – Extended Trailer

I watched this clip and the following immediately came to mind:

  • Tim Burton must really have a thing for Johnny Depp
  • Johnny Depp is about 46 years old and still called ‘Johnny’
  • Johnny Depp gets some of the weirdest roles and make up
  • I wonder if the music will be done from what’s his face from Oingo Boingo
  • The movie/book title makes me want to create a Cinemax soft-core film called ‘Alice in Underpants’
  • Computer animation is becoming so commonplace in movies that I’m looking forward to watching a movie that doesn’t have any
  • Angela will probably be all ga-ga to watch it
  • When Alice says ‘It’s impossible!’ I keep hearing Ralph Wiggum say ‘Me fail English? That’s unpossible!’

The movie is slated for a Spring release in 2010. Chances of me going to a theater to watch it? Meh.