The Seven Deadly Sins – Anger (mixed with some sloth)

HA! I’m posting this here because I’m too lazy to let my bitterness stretch to anything else more creative 😉 I posted the following at Digital ET, another place that where I started posting (forgive me, I haven’t learned how to embed video into WordPress yet):

I Hate Dancers

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate dancers. Dating all the way back to American Bandstand to movies like “Fame” and all the dumb ones like “Krush Groove” and “Footloose”. Hate them. One more time for you people in the back: I. Hate. Dancers. I remember that over the past few years this hatred for dancers had even been rekindled by tv shows like the one on MTV where they were supposed to find the world’s greatest contemporary dancer and it was hosted by some choreographer who danced in a Michael Jackson video, or ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. Bah. Dancers.

Then I see something like the following:

(btw – I learned about this from Boing Boing who found it on MySpace.)

The juxtaposition of modern hip-hop music (DJ Z-Trip feat. Whipper Whip – ‘Is it all about the music’ off the ‘Shifting Gears’ album) with the Lindy Hop makes me smile. For whatever reason it reminds me of when the song Cantaloop came out and there was heavy sampling of music from Blue Note records. Some dance makes me even stare in awe at how people can move and contort themselves like the following that has been around for a while:
It just kills me, though, whenever I see ‘dancers’. They always have that somewhat aloof way of looking down at you and saying ‘Little mortal! I’m a dancer!’ Phooey. In recent memory my hatred for dancers was ignited again when that Mitusbishi Eclipse commercial with that retarded chick popping and locking in the passenger seat to Dirty Vegas ‘Days Go By’:

Dancers, I stab at thee with my rusty fork.